Updated versions of SBTool 2024 rev.

We have just completed an updated version of SBTool that fixes some bugs and also provides bilingual English/French versions of core worksheets and also increases the range of descriptive variables. This is an on-going process and further stages of completed files will be posted in some weeks.

The XLS files have been corrected.

Nils Larsson

Latest SBTool and PPT

We have posted a the latest version of SBTool and also an updated descriptive PPT that explains the structure and features of all iiSBE tools, including SBTool for buildings and SNTool for neighbourhoods.

Nils Larsson

Workshop in Arequipa Peru leading to a Peruvian SBTool

Nils Larsson spent the week of May 4 to 8 in the Universidad Catolica San Pablo (UCSP) in Arequipa Peru, leading a workshop on SBTool, followed by a public lecture on more general SB issues. The workshop was part of a relatively large research project in Peruvian terms, and will include the development of a web-based Spanish-language version of the system.

SBTool and SNTool

  • SBTool is a generic framework for rating the sustainable performance of buildings and projects. It may also be thought of as a toolkit that assists local organizations to develop local SBTool rating systems;
  • SBTool can be used by authorized third parties to establish adapted SBTool versions as rating systems to suit their own regions and building types;
  • It can also be used by owners and managers of large building portfolios, to express in a very detailed way their own sustainability requirements to their internal staff or as briefing material for competitions;

SBTool 2007

Please find below SBTool 07 and related documentation.