SBTool and SNTool

  • SBTool is a generic framework for rating the sustainable performance of buildings and projects. It may also be thought of as a toolkit that assists local organizations to develop local SBTool rating systems;
  • SBTool can be used by authorized third parties to establish adapted SBTool versions as rating systems to suit their own regions and building types;
  • It can also be used by owners and managers of large building portfolios, to express in a very detailed way their own sustainability requirements to their internal staff or as briefing material for competitions;
  • The system covers a wide range of sustainable building issues, not just green building concerns, but the scope of the system can be modified to be as narrow or as broad as desired, ranging from 100+ criteria to half a dozen;
  • SBTool takes into account region-specific and site-specific context factors, and these are used to switch off or reduce certain weights, as well as providing background information for all parties;
  • Weighting is at one level and can be partly modified by authorized third parties;
  • The system is set up to allow easy insertion of local criteria and/or language;
  • It includes IDP process steps;
  • It handles all four major phases;

    • new and renovation projects or a mix;
    • up to two occupancy types in a single project;
    • handles buildings up to 100 floors in height;
    • provides relative and absolute outputs;
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