iiSBE releases 2022 Annual Report

Our Annual Report, which has been previously issued before the end of the calendar year, comes a month or so later than usual, but iiSBE has been busy and productive in 2022.

In this report you will read about some of our key activities and achievements in 2022 including:

* Support for sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine
* The WSBE and SBE Conference series
* The new CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on TRAIN4SUSTAIN Competency Standard
* The WG on Research & Tools (WG R&T) and recent developments in SBTool and SNTool.

We invite you actively participate and contribute to advance our activities on key activities reported herein, and/or let us know about opportunities for you and iiSBE to make a difference. We would be delighted to hear from you and to collaborate on ways that the built environment sector can significantly address our society’s greatest challenges.

Prof Greg Foliente, iiSBE President and Board Chair
Nils Larsson, iiSBE CEO

2022 Annual Report for Members_v3.pdf286.82 KB