Development of a new iiSBE website

On 20 March a web meeting was held to discuss progress on development of the new iiSBE website. Participants included Luis Bragança, Antonín Lupíšek, Greg Foliente, and Nils Larsson, all key members of iiSBE, and Vitor Costa, who has been retained as consultant to implement the work.

The meeting provided an update on progress to date, and also reviewed the basic requirements that were established in the Excel mockup of the new design. It was agreed that the new website will act as a the front end to a database which will contain information on activities, research documents, tools, as well as identification of iiSBE members, key contacts and related organizations. The new website will also have strong links to the website related to the SBE series of international conferences, at, and to key social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

The major structural elements of the new site will be a first priority and priorities will also be established for completing the structure of other elements in the system.

The expected date for launching the new website is May15.