New version of SNTool

iiSBE has produced an updated version of SNTool and the relevant files can be downloaded here. As always, the system will undergo more changes in the future. The PPT provides an overview of the system. Changes include

* The Basic B worksheet of File B has been modified and enhanced in order to allow better descriptions of neighbourhood characteristics, land uses and occupancy types.

* The alternate language option has not yet been updated, but a secondary standard language will be included soon (French, Spanish or Italian), courtesy of Google.

* Some criteria that require more thought to make fully operational have been weighted to zero so that all the ones you see are functional in the generic sense.

Nils Larsson

iiSBE SNTool EN MAX 03Dec20.zip2.12 MB
iiSBE SNTool EN MIN 03Dec20.zip2.04 MB