iiSBE participates in six webinars

iiSBE staff have participated in 3 webinars since July, and will participate in 3 more over the next few weeks.

In mid-July, we participated in a UN webinar that is part of a series to prepare for the GFHS (Global Forum for Human Settlements) conference in the Fall. NL presented a PPT on the topic of Pandemics and the Built Environment. The webinar featured four speakers each with a 15-minute speaking time, and included also Serge Salat (Paris) and Mick Pearce (Zimbabwe and other places), Jason Hu (Beijing), plus some UN-related speakers, all within a 2-hour time frame.

In late August, NL moderated a webinar panel on behalf of Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) on the same topic.

On September 12, Nils Larsson of iiSBE was one of two featured speakers taking part in a webinar organized by the Singapore chapter of the United Architects of Philippines (UAP). A total of 162 (!!) architects participated. NL presented an overview of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the built environment, and vice versa. There was one other speaker, Clare Miflin, an American architect who leads an NGO working to reduce solid waste and to promote a circular economy. The UAP seems to be very well organized, even to the extent of having a UAP song that opened the session….

On 01 October, iiSBE will make a one-hour presentation within the summer school program on "Integral design methods for conceptual building design", scheduled for 1st October at 4pm Berlin time. The event is sponsored by Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin and students from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Korea, and Germany have signed up. This should be fun.

On October 15, we will make a presentation for the Global Forum for Human Settlements (GFHS) conference.

Finally, we are in the midst of organizing a panel dealing with climate change issues and urban responses to them, which will be part of the Beyond 2020 conference, scheduled (virtually) for Nov. 3-4.