SBE19 Tokyo extends abstract deadline

The Tokyo SBE19 conference Built Environment in an Era of Climate Change is scheduled for August 6-8 2019. The organizers have just announced an extension of the deadline for abstract submission to 31 August 2018.

Abstracts of 300 words in English are to be submitted using electronic conference system provided at
Abstract submission deadline has been extended to 31 August, 2018.
Those who have already submitted an abstract may continue to edit your submission until the deadline.

Following are the Themes of the Tokyo Conference Sessions.

1: New Idea for Policy Design Toward Adaptation and Mitigation
"How will emerging and maturing cities practically develop in order to adapt climate change and be resilient in the future? And, how policies can concretely face climate change issues, and which tools will be available to formulate well addressed and scientifically informed political decisions?"

2: Integrated Urban Strategies
"How megacities can mitigate Heat Island Effect and at the meantime be capable of welcoming urban growth and increasing of density? And, how existent urban districts can be energetically optimized and what are the strategies for designing future districts and assessing their performances?"

3: Measures to Prevent and Face Disasters
"How can human settlement maintain their resilience in facing global events, and what are the responsibilities of different subjects in prevention and management of disasters?"

4: Building Design Strategies and Building Operation
"Down to the building scale, how new and existing architecture, in different climatic areas, must perform and be organized, in order to fulfill climate change adaptation and mitigation?"

5: The Role of Building Occupants and Urban Residents in Affecting Energy Demand
"How recent technology can analyze human behavior and conciliate high quality living environment with climate change adaptation? And how policies and community programs can affect such behavioral changes?"

6: Challenges in Growing Countries
"What are sustainable methodologies and techniques in cities that faces rapid urbanization in economically growing countries?

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