SBE Partnership organizes meeting of SBE 18-20 event coordinators

The SBE Partnership has organized a meeting of organizers of SBE (Sustainable Built Environment) regional conferences that will take place during 2018 and 2019, as well as a global event in Gothenburg in 2020.

The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the background of the series to new participants, to allow individual organizers present outlines of their plans, to encourage cooperation by all, and to discuss common problems of organization.

iiSBE workshop on urban performance assessment

iiSBE has organized a small international workshop on the performance assessment of small urban areas, to take place on 17-18 January at UN offices in Paris.

The workshop will include 22 invited researchers who are active in the field. Presentations will cover the development of an urban assessment tool for CESBA, the Common European Sustainable Building Assessment network that is composed of 9 European urban regions, the development of URBENERE, a similar system being developed for Latin American countries and a theoretical overview by Serge Salat who has extensive experience in this field. There will also be free discussion of urban assessment issues.

We attach an agenda outline fo the event. Unfortunately, the meeting space available is limited and we cannot invite more participants, but if you are interested in being on an information update list, please contact

N. Larsson

Fall newsletter and membership reminder

We have issued a new iiSBE newsletter, covering activities that iiSBE has been involved in since March of this year. We also remind you that membership dues are payable by 31 October, so we urge you to keep iiSBE financially sustainable by joining or rejoining soon. The newsletter and membership forms are attached.


Update on SBE Conference series

The SBE partners and representatives of the WSBE17 Hong Kong and Gothenburg WSBE20 conferences, plus Ivan Cerda (Chile) and Thomas Lûtzkendorf (Germany) met in Paris during 11-12 October to review the 10 SBE19 proposals that have been received and also to discuss detailed plans for WSBE2020. One point of immediate interest is that the partners decided to extend the eligibility period for the conferences backward, to 1 September 2018. This was done in view of two applications for events in the Fall of 2018, and a decision that such a move would not create a problem for other events.

Plan B for rapid adaptation, GHG reductions and resilience in the built environment

iiSBE has released the latest version of its Plan B document that outlines a small number of key measures to ensure urban resilience and to rapidly reduce GHG emissions in the built environment sector in the face of climate change. The document is accompanied by a regional input form to allow us to develop regional versions. For more info, contact Nils Larsson at